I propose a few centuries of hibernation for everyone.
Comadrejal is a hybrid.
Comadrejal is a fraud.
This is nothing special because, in many ways, we are all imposters.
It is a story whose protagonists are uncomfortable.
Some wear scarred masks that remember immigrant faces and other similar contour figures.
Others have gestures inspired by the look of animals that suffer abuse or environmental disaster.
There is a group that put on the mask with traits of characters with books, characters that kidnap us and make us rave.

Trompe l’oeil - Cephalopod future

It is a series of micro stories that fuse texts and paintings.

In the first entry, Trampantojo. Future cephalopod, its configuration is explained.

The various micro stories are also embedded throughout the virtual history.

Virtual story

It is a decadent and labyrinthine scene according to the characters that are hidden or hung along the entire walk.

In its tour there are also videos, which can bring some chaos to the debris landscape, and the different entrances of Trompe l’oeil.