Project: The lifebelt eyes of MSF

CUARENTELA consists of forty watercolours, posted in Instagram (@comadrejal) and painted during the first forty days of the state of alarm and lockdown.

Each watercolour collects the emotions of these moments of uncertainty, confusing information, isolation…

I think there were a lot of people who felt that nature is being subdued and exploited by humans in a excessively aggressive way. The ability of our species to tranform our environment can be marvelous, but also devastating to the rest of species of our planet.

Our welfare state requires such an intensive production that it has consequences.

I´ve got a feeling that chases me and I can´t hide: there are too many of us and we are dangerous.

At the same time the pandemic progressed, the idea that we have created an unnatural world where wild nature is cornered by the human intervention was reinforced.

Fortunately, we are a clever species and we´ll know how to take advantage of the opportunities such as the melting of the Artic to make use of the resources it will offer (oil, gas…) without the threat of polar bears.

We will keep the aboriginals who still survive in reservations and the wild animals in zoos or National Parks.

This way of isolation, deep inside, is a plan to show our power and superiority. We could add refugee camps to these strategies.

We should control refugees, thesame way as aboriginals and wild animals.

I feel that we don´t want to share our welfare state or we are afraid of losing it or simply there´s no step back.

Despite this pessimistic irony I think that there are people who have something to say and do; and they do.

As a result of this pandemic, many of us could see the importance of the health sector so that other sectors (social, economic…) can be viable.

Médicos Sin Fronteras is a medical and humanitarian international organization that helps victims of natural or human disasters and armed conflicts.

MSF improves my relationship with my species.

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