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That morning X didn´t recognize him-herself.

X left his-her house and came into a coffee shop and sat down close to the bar. Then he-she listened to the waitress saying to the waiter: Any version is fake, so is ours. There are things we can´t face and we only dare to look at them out of the corner of our eye.

Late that morning X came back home and looked at him-herself in the mirror again, this time he –she nearly recognized him-herself.

That cold morning a lot of people got up of the bed and after a hot shower they put their hand on the steamed glass and with a movement, similar to that of the windscreen wiper, blotted themselves out.

Deliria: Faulty pieces

That cold night they saw themselves as the kings of mambo. When they woke up trembling, they got up of the bed, went to the bathroom and had a warm shower. They put one hand on the steamed glass to start a line and be sure they don´t fit with any place.
Then the earth turned around one more time.

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