World population: 7.432.863.001
Current population

Cephalopod Future is periodically going to publish a series of events that happened in the future.

These events have to do with the beginning of the drop population.

On the scene always appears a strange message; it is supposed that they have connection with the actions.

In these messages there can be signs of some work of any expression (pictorial, literary, musical, movie…) So authors usually leave, together with their actions, names or remains of the works that supposedly justify them.

Another quirk of these events is that several actions happen at the same time in different areas of our planet. A recurrent image that could explain these acts is a sphere crossed by interconnected galleries.

At this moment, the authors, the purpose of these exercises and the evolution of them are unknown.

These instalments are gathered together with the title of Trompe l´oeil.


Footnote: One of the groups of predators which has more possibilities of surviving is that of the cephalopods’ because of their ability to adapt. These deliriums can be ink spots that cuttlefish, octopuses and squids throw away. They already rub their tentacles and they see themselves like the masters of The far-away future.

Deliria: Without additives

These are the facts without additives.
A giant squid grabs me and drags me to its den.
We reach an agreement: it lets me go up in daylight and go down at night.

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