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Figures in movement appear in all the dry reservoirs of all continents when the sun falls. The drought helps to create the effect of a mirage (mirage effect).
You can see people, summoned by Juan Preciado, who go out of the cracks as if the flooded villages came to life and recovered their old rutines. Around every reservoir more people get together as the audience and, after seeing its contents, they go down to the bottom and walk all together all night long and, with the light of the sunrise, they disappear in the sands that are becoming movable.
In the previous moments to the sunset it is easy to listen to a howling, a whisper, a “sh”.

Deliria: Thirst

There is nothing left, Juan Preciado tells his mother Dolores, maybe the shadow of your breath which , although it doesn´t protect from the sun, gives humidity and coolness. And it´s for that reason that I look for the night to meet a group of worms that pile all together and survive on this humidity.

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