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Corpses, tied to trees, appear in the rainforests of Cambodia, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazil.

Every tree with its corpse.

In La Laguna Negra in Soria a new version of the legend of Alvargonzález is performed with the following ending verses: Impassive water that keeps the corpses of Chut Wutty, Chico Mendes and Diane Fossey in its bossom.

Deliria: María y Alejandra

Simultaneously María Iribarne and Alejandra Vidal Olmos travel by el Subte and el Metro on coaches in the same lane, always in the opposite direction.

M. I. and A. V. O. recognize themselves when they see each other in the tunnels of Buenos Aires and Madrid.

Sometimes they go to see the sea, play with the waves, they kiss each other and laugh like crazies.

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