World population: 7.432.863.001
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Several corpses appear in the toilets of the trains in the route Madrid-Murcia, Bangkok-Kanchanaburi and Delhi-Varanasi with their mobiles in their hands with this message written in the screen:

Bloody hell! This fucking mobile! I was asleep and I was dreaming that I had a pile of wads of notes on the table and because of the bloody mobile I didn’t have time to take them.

Besides the dead there was some graffiti with the words “Your face tomorrow”.

Deliria: Ten minute nap

15:45 You, buried under a thin sheet of ice, see how the horizon folds up. It looks like some of the charts that are used to talk about the unemployment situation.

15:49 A thirsty sea gets upset and turns into breeding grounds.

15:52 Posidonia, bee-eaters and sea turtles join the past.

15.54 A humpback whale, on the branch of a fig tree, spits tons of plastics.

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